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Anonymous asked: what are your thoughts on peggy, joan, betty, sally and megan?

Peggy is a character I really like who seems to be an extension of Don. She isnt afriad to critique him and sees his inevitable self destruction before everyone else does.

Joan is trying to be powerful in a misogynistic world through sass and wit. I like her, but at times she is a bit too strong willed and she is generally hardened by how women in the 50/60s were treated. Seems like a classic case of someone acting incredibly confident to make up for their hidden insecurities. 

There isn’t a ton of insight into Sally’s character but it’s sad to see her lose the relationship with her dad.

Megan seems kind of innocent, and just doesn’t seem to understand Don. She seems like a great person, but she shouldn’t be with Don because she can’t control him at all. It’s unfair to herself really.

For everyone who doesn’t watch Mad Men, sowwy. 

Anonymous asked: do you still want to go into advertising? why are you drawn to it?

Yes, I still do and i’m actually in the midst of lining up an internship for the summer at an advertising agency!

I really like that it’s a way to be creative and clever without sitting at Saturday Market with an open guitar case. Seeing your work in public would also be an incredibly rewarding feeling, and I believe i’d have a sense of pride around my work which is important. I don’t want to do something that I dont care about. 

Anonymous asked: Don Draper or Pete Campbell?

Pete definitely has some great one liners especially in the first season or two, but at the end of the day he’s trying way to hard to fit in and get credit for his achievements. 

Don on the other hand is above it all and does whatever he pleases regardless of how its’ viewed. He is incredibly profound, but I suppose he doesn’t really have his own life figured out either.

Don easily takes the cake though.